Dwarfinator - Fairy skills


Fairy skills

In the meantime, work on the skill tree continues. For now I'm finishing May's skill branch for the first chapter of the game. Among the others, it includes the Freeze skill which I've shown before, a couple of buff active skills, some passive skills to improve various parameters and something special - the Knowledge is power skill adds a number of stupid and obvious fairy's statements to the set of loading screen tips, which however give a small buffs for the entire battle to the stats they mention.

Another thing of interest is the Enchanted Arrows skill - it woks similar to the Ugylk's projectile modifying skill, but instead of poisoning enemies, it adds bonus ice damage to projectiles, as well as a small chance to freeze the enemy. This time I put more efforts in visual effects on projectiles. And it took some extra work to impement applying effects not only on projectiles, but on areas of effect they spawn too.