Dwarfinator - Onager in action


Onager in action

Onager in action. Unlike other guns, it throws projectiles by parabolic trajectory and the projectile hits directly at the point it was sent to, damaging all enemies in a certain area. In addition, survivors are also stunned and unable to do anything for a while. Being a large gun also means high damage, significant energy consumption and low fire rate.

The game currently offers two control schemes for the large guns - a gun and a skill. In first scheme, the onager works like any other gun - it constantly consumes energy and shoots while fire button is pressed. With the second option it activates on pressing skill button, the energy for the shot is consumed immediately, and the rest is going similar to Ugylk's grenade throwing.

And as always, creating seemingly a single entity, in addition to the model and icon, also demanded some new sounds, a new AOE variant with specific effects, and a bunch of code to implement the desired behavior.