Dwarfinator - Poisoning skills


Poisoning skills

Waiting for news? Well, I've been busy this month and have done quite a lot - finished with migration to database, rebuilded skills editor with my OOP layer over Unity editor GUI, made some progress with skills screen of the game and the skill tree itself. That's the thing I actually want to show today - a couple of skills from Ugylk's skill branch and a new effect they cause. Poison arrows is a buff-type active skill, making every projectile inflict poison on enemies. And Poison flask is a grenade-type skill, which causes a poison cloud to appear and affect enemies passing through it. The new effect, as you see, is poisoning, inflicting toxic damage over time. It can be helpful on early stages of the game, but there are enemies immune to it. You can poison an orc, but something like zombie or skeleton will be more puzzled than damaged by such skills.