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As you might already noticed, Dwarfinator uses its own custom font. Until now the font was just a hand-painted texture and for some time I tried to fix graphic artifacts appearing with font scaling. Tried to make some workarounds with dynamic choose of texture size, but all in vain. And now I've finally came to descision I had to make from the very beggining. Now the game font is a proper vector font, scalable without any issues to any (or almost any) size. And now it's possible to use it here, on the website.


Welcome to the Dwarfinator official website. You can find here latest updates on development process of the game and various related materials such as screenshots and videos showing current state of different aspects of the game. Feel free to look around, visit game pages in social media or send your feedback via email. All external links can be found at the bottom of the page.

About game

Dwarfinator is a 2D base defence/side scroll shooter game, currently under development by single person. The game features wide variety of enemies, rich part and weapon systems, RPG skill tree and simple but deep story about a dwarf who just wanted to live in peace but instead will be forced to destroy the whole world.