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Melody for a fairy

One more piece of soundtrack for the game. Light and magical - just exactly what fairy needs as a character theme. And since there is one certain fairy in the game - May, I'll give it straight to her.

Loading Screen

What's a game good for without a loading screen? And Dwarfinator now has one, with progress bar and dynamic gameplay hints. Took a lot of coding to make it work properly, as most of the game init and loading systems was written quite a long time ago, when I was just a begginer in programming, so they were ugly as hell. They are still ugly though, now their uglyness is unified!

Cutscene editor

Haven't been posting anything for a while, and that's why: I was rebuilding cutscenes and its editor from scratch, for I faced a critical issue with old realization. So for past few weeks I've migrated cutscene data storage from XMLs to SQLite database, fully refactored all the cutscene playing mechanisms to make them more flexible and confortable to use and created new cutscene editor using my own object-oriented implementation of Unity Editor GUI. And now I can finally get back from boring UI coding to making some content. And while I do it why don't you take a look at some screenshots of that cutscene editor?

New soundtrack - Heroes

And if you think that new page contains only old material - you are very wrong. Meet the new track Heroes. And as it's guessable from its name, it will accompany the greatest heroes of humanity, which will be met by Wilfred in human location. With quite sad result, but don't let it stop you from listening.

Music page

There is a new page on the website - Muisc. There you can listen all released at the moment soundtracks for the game. All the tracks also available to listen in my Soundcloud account, link in the bottom of the page.


Polishing cutscenes. I'm not gonna show all of them, of course, but instead I can post some of recently drawn for dialogs character faces, with various emotions.

Cyclops support

Creating a boss is a long process, especially if you constantly interrupt it with side tasks. Anyway, working on cyclops is coming to its end and soon he will stand before Wilfred in his full might. Meanwhile you can watch how exactly goblin slaves are going to "support" him during the battle. Shortly - they are food and ammo for cyclops.


As you might already noticed, Dwarfinator uses its own custom font. Until now the font was just a hand-painted texture and for some time I tried to fix graphic artifacts appearing with font scaling. Tried to make some workarounds with dynamic choose of texture size, but all in vain. And now I've finally came to descision I had to make from the very beggining. Now the game font is a proper vector font, scalable without any issues to any (or almost any) size. And now it's possible to use it here, on the website.


Welcome to the Dwarfinator official website. You can find here latest updates on development process of the game and various related materials such as screenshots and videos showing current state of different aspects of the game. Feel free to look around, visit game pages in social media or send your feedback via email. All external links can be found at the bottom of the page.

About game

Dwarfinator is a 2D base defence/side scroll shooter game, currently under development by single person. The game features wide variety of enemies, rich part and weapon systems, RPG skill tree and simple but deep story about a dwarf who just wanted to live in peace but instead will be forced to destroy the whole world.